Music for Peace in Persia (Iran)  dec 27th 2020 - jan 9th 2021


A bold vision: Music for Peace in Persia (Iran) from dec 27th 2020 to jan 9th 2021

A very special concert tour is in preparation: three concerts with Johann Sebastian Bach's masterpiece "Mass in b-minor" in Iran in 2020/2021. This inspiring project is capturing and moving all the involved people in a very special manner.

Bach in Iran, why?

Persia has a vivid and very rich musical culture of its own, so why performing Bach in Iran? First of all, there is a tangible interest in western culture and western music. What is more, we are planning to bridge or connect the cultures by inviting iranian singers and musicians into the program.

For the performers, Bach's music is not only beyond a certain confession of faith but even universal in its meaning and message because it addresses man as such, his spiritual experience in life and, above all, his ability to transform pain and suffering into joy. If you have ever heard the b-minor mass live in concert or even participated in a performance you have certainly kept a deep impression of this special artistic quality.


Our journey

During eastern 2019, in preparation of the great concert tour, a 9-day-trip was undertaken by the organizers. This trip provided us with thorough information but, what is more, presented us with unforgettable encounters. The Iranian people are very inviting, warm-hearted und interested toward travelers. 

At this time 3 concerts in 3 different cities are planned. Apart from rehearsals and performances there will be time to visit some of the unique cultural sights of the country.


You are welcome to join us!

The Caravan of Peace is welcoming you wholeheartedly if this special project is speaking to you and you want to join our international choir.

If you are interested, please send a short message to

We will then send you the up-to-date information about our tour.

Travel report Iran 2019
In april 2019, Madhu and Ophiel Maarten van Leer had the opportunity to visit the Iranian Republic. This trip was meant to be an important part of the preparations for the 2020 concert tour. The travel report can be downloaded here. It gives an impression of the extraordinary richness of iranian culture as well as the hospitality of iranian people.
Travel report Iran April 2019.pdf
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