The B minor Mass by J.S.Bach in Cologne / Germany 2023

Rehearsal weekends in Wiesbaden, Bad Homburg and Cologne

Your can still join in as a singer or instrumentalist!


Johann Sebastian Bach's Mass in B minor was not only the starting point of Music for Peace. Above all, it is one of the most moving and important works in Western cultural history, a cathedral of music.

Many of those who have had the opportunity to participate in performances have not only enjoyed the outward appearance. You have also described it as an inner journey with unforgettable, uplifting and always very individual experiences.

Even if you have never sung the B minor Mass, you are expressly invited to take part in this special project.

The performance wil take place in Cologne (Köln), church St.Agnes on may 29th, 2023.

Further rehearsals:

Wiesbaden, Waldorfschule                 28.-29.january 2023 (choir)  >>> details see pdf below

Bad Homburg, Jugendherberge       18.-21.may 2023 (tutti, detailed infos wil follow shortly)

Köln, St.Agnes                                         26.-29.Mai 2023 (tutti, detailed infos wil follow shortly)


If you are an experienced singer or instrumentalist, you can still join in!


Infos Rehearsal weekedn in Wiesbaden 28.-29.january 2023
Infos Probenwochenende in Wiesbaden_Janu
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 Complete recordings are available here for all choral singers to practice their own voice! Bass, tenor, alto and soprano were sung here in the original register by Maarten van Leer. Click on the respective link:


Bach Messe h-moll Sopran 1    Bach Messe h-moll Sopran 2    Bach Messe h-moll Alt 1&2   Bach Messe h-moll Tenor 1&2     Bach Messe h-moll Bass 1&2