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Ascension Day at "Neumühle": thursday may 9th - sunday may 12th 2024

We warmly invite you to join us in a special music experience:

choir singing with Maarten Ophiel van Leer, as well as workshops

(dances of universal peace, meditation, improvisation)


Ascension day 2024 at "Neumühle"


Neumühle  is located in D-66693 Mettlach-Tünsdorf (Saarland) in the middle of powerful nature.

This place has been used intensively for meditation and seminars for many years and offers us an ideal environment to sing together, but also to go within or renew contact with living nature.


In the morning we will study a program of sacred choral music under the direction of Maarten Ophiel van Leer:

pieces from Sergeij Rachmaninov's Vesper op.37 and Orlando Gibbon's motet "Hosanna to the son of David".


In the afternoon, participants can choose from 3 different workshops:

  • The sound of silence - meditation and music with Felix Idris Baritsch (Hamburg)
  • Anchor your voice in the body and improvise with Esther Knappe (Zürich)
  • Dances of Universal Peace with Josine Zon (Le Mazel / France)

Time frame:

arrival on thursday may 9th, 3 p.m., departure on sunday may 12th after lunch.

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