Johann Sebastian Bach's b-minor mass in the land of the prophets 2016-2017

The land of the prophets.

A group of 200 people sets out for the land of the prophets, a journey with many imponderables, following inspiration rather than accomodativeness.

The land of the prophets - a melting pot of nations and a very special arena of world history ever since.

A region where the visitor encounters the enchanting beauty of sacred scenes as well as places of divisiveness and distress.

The individual experience of the traveler can not be described adequately. One participant called it "an adventure far beyond everyday experience".

Bach's music proved to be an eloquent co-traveler where words failed.

This international concert project was possible only thanks to countless donations on ! Thank you, all donators!

120 singers and 30 instrumentalists from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, England, the USA, Israel and Colombia took part in 3 perfromances:


28 dec 2016

Jerusalem, Auditorium des YMCA


30 dec 2016

Bethlehem, Dar Al Nadwa International Center


1 jan 2017

Nazareth, Basilika Jesus the Adolescent



Hagit Noam, Laura Jobin-Acosta, soprano

Anne-Marieke Evers, mezzosoprans

Heike Kiefer, alto

Henk Gunnemann, tenor

Alain Langlois, bass



Ophiel Maarten van Leer

Order here  the moving 45min DVD documentary about this unique journey, produced by english filmmaker Keith Surridge.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the special individuals and organizations who supported us so warm-heartedly and pragmatically. Through their help it was possible to set out for this journey and fulfill the interreligious vision of the project:


Bundesverband deutscher Liebhaberorchester e.V.


Eliyahu Mc Lean, founder of  the Jerusalem Peace Maker and director of Abrahamic Reunion


Emile Moatti, delegate of the Fraternité d’Abraham, Jerusalem


Abdallah Abu Ghannam & Yehuda Solov, Interfaith Encounter Association IEA


Sami Awad & Muhsen Al Homouz, Holyland Trust, Bethlehem


Jerusalem International YMCA


Dar Al Nadwa International Center, Bethlehem


Pater Jesudoss Arokiam and the congregation Jesus the Adolescent, Nazareth


Radio Mawwal, who broadcasted the concert on 30 dec 2016


Keith Surridge and his team for their  dedicated service in producing an outstanding documentary


Copyright of the photos: Bruno Knobel, Basel