Johann Sebastian Bach's b-minor mass in Vienna 2018

Vienna, city of music.

Months after the concert in the famous Vienna Minoritenkirche we are still filled with sounds and reverberations. 600 people came on june 2nd 2018 to the central church to share the poignant beauty of Bach's music with the 150 singers and instrumentalists.

This international concert project was possible only thanks to countless donations on ! Thank you, all donators!

soloists: Laura Jobin-Acosta (New York), soprano  /  Heike Kiefer (Nuremberg), alto  /  Henk Gunneman (Zutphen, NL), tenor  /  Matthias Haid (Vienna), bass

Conductor: Ophiel Maarten van Leer

An important part of the performance: prayers for peace from different spiritual traditions, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and modern Sufism.


Copyright of the photos: Amelie Kaiser, St.Märgen and Bruno Knobel, Basel